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The Remnant is published 6 times annually by Welsh Tract Publications. 20 pages. Please see our STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES

The Remnant
was first published in April, 1987. Our aim was two-fold:

First, we desired to have a medium of exchange for those scattered abroad that loved the doctrine of the absolute predestination of all things, in opposition to the doctrine of conditional time salvation, so enthusiastically proclaimed by limited Predestinarians falsely claiming to hold the keys of Christís kingdom. There were in 1987, and are today, few publications that uncompromisingly uphold the ancient doctrines of the church Jesus built nearly two thousand years ago.

Second, it was our fervent desire to make available to Godís scattered flock information about meetings and fellow believers; to advertise books we have published for the edification of the readers; and finally, to make public the witness of God that there yet remains a remnant according to the election of grace.

We have never had a subscription price for The Remnant. That does not mean that we are indifferent to expenses. Our costs have been offset by book sales and the contributions of generous brethren who do not seek something for nothing. It is honorable to support that from which you profit. Readers are encouraged to assist us. Be reminded, however, there is no obligation to anyone so long as they desire to receive the paper. Some cannot assist due to lack. Regrettably, some do not assist due to apparent indifference. Nevertheless, we are not discouraged; our policy will remain the same until circumstances demand otherwise.

If you desire to receive a trial copy of The Remnant, please write to our mailing address below and send $1.00 to cover mailing. If then you desire to continue receiving The Remnant, let us know and your name will be added to our mail list. We do not believe this is asking too much. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve the flock of God in this manner.

Above all, our desire is for our friends and brethren to remember us in prayer as the Lord may bless. Make checks payable to:

The Remnant Publications
PO Box 1004 Hawkins TX 75765-1004

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